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Troubleshoot Glasses Made Elsewhere and You’ll Likely Lose!

Can you really troubleshoot glasses made elsewhere? NO!

The following is what patients need to read, while in your office, BEFORE they leave to buy “Elsewhere”

Dear Patient,

First and foremost, we sure do appreciate your trust in our Doctor team to insure your eye health and best possible vision.

We have extraordinary eyewear frame designs… But, if you are considering purchasing your eyeglasses and sunglasses elsewhere because affordable  choices are most important for you, please, simply tell us your wish and we will accommodate you with extraordinary eyeglasses, and with a price that you can feel confident, assured, and happy.

WHY is this probably most important for you:

When you take your prescription elsewhere, we lose control over the lens crafting process and we are unable to troubleshoot typical errors for you when you have problems with those eyeglasses; in as much as we’d like to help, we simply do not have access to the lab metrics and measurements from elsewhere, and therefore we can’t detect why you are experiencing these difficulties. At that point, You and our experts are stuck in the middle.

If this makes sense, you will not be inconvenienced attempting to purchase elsewhere, and, you can feel assured YOUR new eyeglasses MATCH the exam test lenses and include the integral lens elements necessary to protect your eye health and provide comfort.

How may we help you today, so you can feel confident?

Cheers, Mark