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Dr. Amy Blue

Dr. Schwartz

April Fields

Optician, Bennett Eyecare

Change. The moment you open your eyes and envision change is the moment your future appears brighter. The daily tasks of being an optician can drag you down, and that’s where I was when I met Mark Hinton. I knew that there were better ways to do what I was doing but I couldn’t find any resources to aide, instruct and reinforce new habits. During the workshop eYeFacilitate provided me with tools to grow, excel and succeed as an optician. I walked into the program with an open mind and walked out with life changing skills. The program gave me an edge over ANY optician who has NEVER done it Mark’s way. The best part about the entire experience? I’m not selling anything! I’m helping people buy products that I truly believe will enhance their lives and protect their eyes. Two words: full circle. I became an eye care professional because I wanted to use my selling skills to provide customized eye wear to people with any visual need and now I have the power to do so in such a way that people thank me at the end of sale!

Valerie Snyder

Lead Optician, Sussex Eye

Hello Mark,

It has been an absolute blessing to work with you on so many levels. What me and my team has gained since your visit, AND the subsequent 8 week plan to keep us focused without overwhelming us, has made us all much better at what we do. Our numbers and sales are off the charts.

I was very skeptical when you first came… Wow, boy was I wrong. Your presence was very warming and the passion that you bring to the table is AMAZING. You have been a great role model for me and an inspiration to my team. {Since you coached me, I never use the word “staff” anymore} I now come into work EVERYDAY and love what I do because I understand it so much more. The drive you have given all of us has been rewarding. There are no words to describe my appreciation to you.

Katie Porter

Envision Eye Care

When Dr G told me you were coming to the office to work with us, I was nervous and anxious I was doing something wrong…

Mark, thank you, you are the god of communication! I have worked very closely with you, as you have been available to me through email and voice, and you have been a more than valuable resource for me, always.

You have helped me to grow and develop even more as an optician by explaining the importance of refining your scripts, as there is always room for growth and improvement! I feel that because of what you have taught me that my overall patient interaction is very successful. I am selling more second pairs by educating patients on the harmful and damaging affects of the sun, and I never have a patient who goes without an ultra clarity lens.

I truly admire you as a person. You are an amazing, passionate, and inspiring teacher, speaker, and lens guru and I seriously do NOT know where I would be in my optical career without you, but it wouldn’t be as fulfilling for me, the practice or our family of patients. I just thought you should know!


Practice Manager (Optician), Hartland Eye Care

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how valuable your knowledge and experience is to our practice. I have to say that as the Practice Manager I was very skeptical at the thought of yet another “consultant”, as we have been through a few in the last couple of years. Honestly, I thought that in today’s economy our finances could be put to better use. Boy was I WRONG!!!! Not only did your presentation totally invigorate our staff, but with our significant increase in sales, we have MORE THAN covered the cost of your fees!!!

Personally, I have never worked with a consultant that has motivated everyone, including the Doctor! Our staff is working as a team like never before! Staff meetings before were always scattered, now we stay on task and accomplish our goals!!

The whole staff commented on the fact that you make us feel like you genuinely care about the success of our practice. We cannot wait for your return visit to our office!!!

Ashley Glass

Envision Eye Care

Mark, I wanted to say thank you! A BIG THANK YOU!

You have been an extraordinary support to my growth as an Optician. I’ve always enjoyed sales and you have opened my world to many new and different skills and assets that are needed to be successful in this field. You’ve provided a tremendous amount of insight on how to communicate efficiently with patients and increase sales. It made such a difference when you said “we don’t sell, we help them buy!”

I began to think about myself differently, as an advocate and not a sales person. I feel remarkably comfortable and confident after working on and refining my optical scripts with you. You have taken how I communicate and given it that extra mile to help me sound and to be as knowledgeable and professional as possible. You’ve made me feel comfortable educating my patients so they are making the best decisions for their sight and over all eye health. I owe all of my success to your ability to not only teach but to lead by example and inspire me. I love my work!

Dr. Tressa Malikkal

ODFCOVD, Trappe Family Eyecare, PA

Dear Mark,

I hope you had a good trip home. I wanted to thank you for fitting us into your schedule and accommodating mine. I think the training was invaluable. I feel this has given us all a new way of thinking and valuing what we do. It has also started the process of getting us on the same “page” and thereby working as a cohesive and effective team. I am really excited and am committed to really making this work. I know that this new mindset and “verbiage” is the key to getting our practice to the next level. I look forward to working with you and implementing the changes. And like you said, “Rome was not built in a day.”

I will be more patient with myself and my team to get to our new goals.