How On-Site Works

How On-Site Works

Before the Workshop

1. We agree and reserve dates for on-site or remote development together.

2. You designate a team lead to be accountable in connecting with, and coordinating your retreat workshop with eYeFacilitate.

3. We prep about 4 weeks before we retreat, so your team is engaged when we begin!

Retreat Day

We will retreat 5-6 hours without interruptions.

This is an interactive process and your team will be engaged as they begin developing VERY simple and new ways of connecting and communicating with patients.

Plan for a working lunch, as we will take advantage of every minute of our time together.

We will break into department/groups and develop together, to be confident with new-found dialogs during patient care.

After the Retreat

There will be a simple 4-week implementation plan, to gain confidence, unity, and sustainability.

A snapshot of what you may expect from your optical team following onsite development…

  • Ensure patient questions lead to clear patient engagement.
  • Simplify Optical prescribing with a checklist; reduce optical chair-time by more then 20 minutes per patient; this is a time-saver AND reduced COGs.
  • Immediately begin to reduce patient/consumer Rx Walkout.
  • Triple Rx sunglasses.
  • 3X-4X Plano Sunglass increase; Pinguecula’s, Emmetropes and Contact Lens wearers; Simple!
  • Maximize vision plan profit. The right frame mix.
  • Save-the-Sale Frame/Lens Bundles.
  • Decrease patients using their own frame again. This percentage should always be under 13%.
  • Increase “eYeglass Junkies” who return with frequency to purchase that next set of glasses; The “Savings Certificate”.
  • While onsite, we’ll identify other opportunities to advantage at the next retreat 4 months following the first retreat!

We’re proud to say we have never left a client feeling our work together wasn’t absolutely worth the time, energy, and dollars invested; we want the same for you, too. Practices who implement the 4-week plan will capture and convert 30% to 40% more optical Rx patients, and increase on average, $80 per patient revenue.

We’ll meet with you by phone. We’ll address your additional questions and then reserve your first retreat date for your best advantage!