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How working with eyeFacilitate will differentiate your practice from others, change the face of your patient experience, and add revenue.


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Because you’re reading this, you’ve heard about eYeFacilitate successes with your colleagues, or you’ve participated in a conference session.

You already know you want fresh perspective and a status quo overhaul, and you want it simple and straightforward with NO salesy-feeling or pushy process. Contact eYeFacilitate right now, and together we’ll plan what makes the most sense for you.

Is it affordable? Your colleagues will tell you it costs little for the scale of outcome. I’ll answer this when we meet and I understand the scope of your need.

We will answer ROI to cost based on your need/want and locations. Easy!
Additionally, we will not reserve dates with you if we can determine your processes or team may cause failure for you, or for eYeFacilitate; we only win the game!

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